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Flood & Water Damage Restoration

Restoration Services Ltd. has been a commercial and residential general insurance contractor for 25+ years specializing in repairs from flooding, storms, and water damage. Our experience working with insurance adjusters for over the past 2 decades has enabled Restoration Services Ltd. to not only perform the repairs but assist in the insurance claim process as well. This takes the headache and fear out of not getting a fair shake from the insurance companies and gives property owners peace of mind.

Our Restoration and Remediation Services are continually evolving because we are always studying our field and looking for new ways to improve and make our services even better for our clients. When it comes to the specific approach needed to remediate damages to your home or business, we are a turnkey operation, meaning we cover everything from securing your property to defining the scope of repairs and finding an approach that agrees with your insurance company before beginning the repair process. This approach avoids disagreements on the repairs done and what is billed to your insurance company.

Over the past 25+ years we have worked with many insurance companies with one goal in mind;  to return your home to its pre damage condition. Everyone wants to rebuild quickly after damage to their homes. Our process makes this challenging event more simple, and less hectic for you, your family, or your business.

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