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Mold Remediation: For over a decade Restoration Services Ltd. has been a mold remediation contractor. Having started as a general insurance contractor performing remediation of water and flood damage, it was a natural transition to become a certified mold remediation contractor to offer greater value and service to our customers.

Over the past 15+ years we have developed great relationships with a number of highly recognized environmental companies in order to enhance our eco awareness and apply that awareness to our everyday practices. These relationships have been greatly beneficial for both sides as Restoration Services Ltd. has reliable sources for certified testing and the environmental companies have a dependable, knowledgeable mold remediation company as a resource. We are the mold removal and remediation experts you have been looking for.

What are the root causes on Mold? One of the most common causes of mold damage is water intrusion. If you’ve had a water leak recently, or even in the past, any mold problems you have are probably direct results of the leak. Once the water gets in, it’s hard to get out without suffering any collateral damage. The sooner the leak is fixed, and the mold is removed the better for your property.

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Mold Remediation In Phoenix

If you are searching for mold remediation phoenix or mold remediation phoenix az, Restoration Services LTD. is here to help! Schedule a mold remediation project right here or give us a call! Excess moisture and water damage are the leading causes of mold growth in a residential or commercial building. Specific types of mold can even cause serious health issues. Protect your family or employees by calling the experts to inspect the infected area immediately!

Mold infestations are typically caused by water intrusions like faulty piping or roof leaks. If you think your home or business is experiencing mold growth, call us today. We have been providing mold remediation services across the valley of the sun since 1983.

You don’t have to have water damage or any leaking to experience mold growth, though. Even the cleanest homes and buildings can have outbreaks. Mold is a natural part of our environment, found both indoors and outdoors. Mold growth can cause major structural damage, if left untreated by the professionals. Indoor mold has been proven to cause health-related issues such as skin rashes, hay fever, chest infections, itchy eyes and throat irritations.

Cost Of Mold Remediation

Professional mold remediation costs an average of $2,215 in the U.S. Prices for this project will range from $1,121-$3,331, according to HomeAdvisor. All significant remediation projects need to be done by professionals. Nevertheless, smaller removal projects (usually under 10 sq ft) may be done as a weekend project. This could cost as little as $10 to $50, with larger projects costing as high as $6,000. Predictably, there are a multitude of factors that affect your budget for removal. The amount of growth mixed in with the degree of decomposition might require replacing some of the current materials.

A lot of mold remediation professionals are going to charge an average of $17.50 for each sq ft for removal. Costs are going to range between $10 to $25. For instance, if you are required to remove a 100 sq ft room, the project is going to cost you between $1,000 to $2,500. Where the growth is, is the biggest factor when it comes to costs.

Mold Remediation Process

Mold remediation projects can take anywhere from one to seven days to complete, depending on the size of the problem. Remediation services can quickly and safely remove any mold growth from your residential or commercial property.  If any water or moisture goes untreated, the mold can colonize and create serious health risks, according to Thumbtack.

Any mold remediation timeline can be altered by a variety of factors. These variables include how much mold is present in the area, where it is growing and what materials it might be growing on. Mold growths (also known as colonies) can be established within 24-48 hours, so it’s vital to act as soon as the issue is noticed. If you live in an especially humid area, any water leak or spill can quickly become a hazard.

Once the mold or mildew is identified, contact a mold remediation service near you. The team of experts will then come to your home to assess the extent of the issue. They will identify and rectify all leaks/spills, then use specialized equipment to contain and prevent any potential migration of mold spores. Once the contaminated materials are safely removed, the area will be treated and dried. This process typically takes no more than five days, but larger projects could add a few extra days.

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